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Inspire, Educate and Motivate….

Wendy’s Way of life’ is a lifestyle brand, inspired by nature and country house style living.

Mindfulness therapy through our creative artisan workshops, tutorials and demonstrations: in floral art (silks and natural), decorating with house plants using vintage, healing aspects of houseplants, how to invest in antique and vintage designer jewellery, how to buy and sell antiques and vintage either for your own collection to enhance your house or selling to make a profit. Learn how to turn your home into your castle with inspiring home decorating.

Empowering people to discover and unlock their own creative talents.

Vintage/antique hunting trips in Ireland, Holland, France and Belgium.

A Few Nice Words....

“I have known and admired Wendy for nearly 20 years, since she first came to Ireland from her native Holland, with a big smile and a great outlook on life.

She is blessed with that innate sense of style that comes from what was called in the old days ” a good eye” the ability to really see and understand light, colour, shapes, textures and scales that allows her to put things together effortlessly and make any house she ever lived in a dream place to call home.

It also allows her to do it in a very cost-effective way. We have had lots of fun over the years going on foraging trips together to car boot sales and salvage yards to look for the affordable and unusual things whos simply beauty in their own right just make you smile.

With Wendy’s knowledge and a remarkable eye for unusual treasures, I trusted her over the years to find the right additional pieces for the ongoing restoration of the numerous building that make up the Castle Leslie Estate, including the Castle it’s self.

Trying to learn all this from textbooks and courses is one thing, but now you can learn how to copy a style you admire in a unique way. Wendy has the true talent to ‘see’ and has a deep desire to share this secret with others, to give them an understanding of their own style and the tools to create it for themselves.

I wish her and all those who learn from her lots of fun and adventures along the way.

Samantha Leslie

Castle Leslie Estate, Glaslough..Co Monaghan, Ireland.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Wendy’s lovely home and of seeing two brilliant presentations by her at the Clones Hens Shed. Her expertise in her field is evident and she explains her Art so well that all are able to follow her directions and end up with beautiful pieces to take home or make at home. Myself and the Hens Shed always look forward to her presentations…


Hen Shed Clones, co Monaghan

I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy’s Way of Life for a
number of years now and in that time Wendy has introduced us to the
Wonderfull world of Antiques, Vintage and craft.Her passion,
enthusiasm and energy to create beautiful things, allows us to simply
enjoy the old, the found, the curated and the Wonderful. Thank you


pH7 design, Ireland.
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