Inspiration time…

Where do I get my inspiration? That could be from anywhere..from the trees in my garden to the far away countries….But one of my favourite places is Italy, The taste of the local food in the shops and markets that seem to be more intense there than anywhere else, the women who are dressed to impress, The colours of the buildings that surround you like a big needed hug, The language, even though i haven’t got a clue what they’re saying but it just sounds all so sexy, The olive trees, fig trees, orange trees and any other beautiful tree or flower that is popping up behind every corner…

For years I have been creating gardens for people with Italy as an inspiration..Clients interiors have been enhanced with outside(!) Terra cotta urns and ornaments…using tropical looking plants that would create a wellness feeling and would also have given the air around them a fresh green scent so whenever they close their eyes they can imagine their selfs away from all the hustle and bustle, and pretend that they are somewhere else.

One of my favourite destinations would have been the Badia di San Sebastiano, Lazio Italy, privately owned By The Leslie foundation…Have stayed there few times, and every time it feels so magical,..A building with a sense of purity of its time, bring on the inspiration, let it flow…Can’t wait to pay a visit back there.


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