Road trip to Utrecht, The Netherlands

At least once a year I need to go to this amazing collectables fair in Utrecht! This fair is twice a year in November and April, but in my opinion, the November one is the best. Traders of the weird and Wonderfull, collectables and antiques have been going around the markets across the world and selling their treasures at this huge in scale indoor market, Halls upon halls with beautiful things and there is something for everybody’s taste…prices vary from stall to stall and it really pays off knowing your stuff and prices( did I mention my upcoming book ‘Uncovering a wealth of treasure’?)…but even without, worth paying a visit, open for two days, and to be honest, its never open long enough..although my purse says otherwise!

But even when the prices seem to be a bit on the high side..there are bargains to be found! Planning a road trip next year if you fancy coming and do a bit of bargain hunting? 🙂

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